Stencil Designing Inspiration

The Art of Stencilling

Finding inspiration for your stencil designing isn’t difficult when you have access to the internet but if you want to narrow your search down somewhat, you may want to consider a few things.

What is the stencil for?

You can put stencils just about anywhere:

Greetings cards
Food (cookies, cakes)
Stair risers
Ornaments (free standing or hanging)



What material are you going to stencil onto?

Plastered/painted wall



What sort of effect do you want to create?                        

Antique furniture or picture frames
Jazzed up plain floor tiles
Moorish or Indian or Polynesian (or any other) style
Pretty curtains and cushions

Make or buy?

If you want to make your own stencils, you will need stencil cutting equipment and material with which to make stencils. However, you could design your own stencil and commission a commercial organisation to cut it for you. All you then have to do is apply the paint and fixing material yourself.

Alternatively, you could buy a pre-designed stencil but create your own colour scheme to produce the effect that you want.

If you’re looking for ideas, then you needn’t look further than the natural world for flowers, leaves, grasses, birds, butterflies or animals.

Look around you at buildings; Gothic or Moorish designs might be just what your searching for.

You might want to repeat a symmetrical shape such as a hexagon or an octagon or you may prefer random squiggles or straight lines.

Check out websites like Instagram and Pinterest; you’ll find all sorts of images you can adapt to make a stencil.

Art books are another source of inspiration for stencil designing; think Monet’s Waterlillies, Van Gough’s Sunflowers or Picasso’s cubism.

When choosing color for stencil designing, consider the effect that you are trying to create as well as the area which will be covered. A clash of bright colors may look great on a small wall hanging but may be a bit overwhelming if you cover the whole wall.

If you can’t find the inspiration for stencil designing, why not check out the huge selection of creations here at Stencil Designing? We have something for everyone at very reasonable prices.




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