SmartSign Polyethylene Reusable Stencil, Legend “KEEP AREA CLEAR”, 24″ high x 24″ wide, Black on White

SmartSign "Keep Area Clear" Reusable Stencil | 24" x 24" Plastic

SmartSign "Keep Area Clear" Reusable Stencil | 24" x 24" Plastic Rating:
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Product Description

Industry Leading Durability
Our Reusable Polyethylene Stencils are made from 63 mils thick, ABS plastic. These plastic stencils are router-cut and come with burr-free edges. Our stencils do not absorb paint or spray and can be cleaned very easily. Our "Keep Area Clear" Reusable Stencil is better than comparable oil boards and other stencil materials. Lightweight "Keep Area Clear" letter stencil can be used to imprint the same message again and again at different places. Simply tape the stencil over the surface you want the message to stamp on and use standard spray paint.

USA’s Oldest Sign Manufacturer
Family owned since 1918, we take immense pride in our signage. Being one of the oldest certainly means we know this business in and out. Our South Dakota factory is the oldest manufacturer of signs in the USA. We have been an integral part of safety and convenience our stencils and signs have provided over the years.

Stencils Give a Warning – So You Don’t Have To
Personally warning people is not always the right solution. Say it with stencils! This Plastic Stencil is the safest and the most effective medium to reach out to maximum people on your property.


  • DURABLE. Stencil is made from 63 mil (1/16") thick ABS plastic. ABS plastic does not absorb paint and can be washed off. ABS plastic stencils outlast oil boards and other stencil materials.
  • CLEAN IMAGE. Stencil is routed and has burr-free edges for a clean image.
  • EASE OF USE. Stencil can be reused to make several signs. Dry paint can be peeled off by flexing or bending the stencil.

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